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SDR Limited

The managing directors of SDR Limited approached me with a sketch they had been working on for a few months as they wanted a new look for the business.

Click HERE to see their website.

Team Motivate

The Team Motivate directors asked me to design a leaflet to help promote their day centre service to existing and new clientele.

Eunice book cover-02.png

Loneliness In The Wilderness 

The client requested that her book cover depict loneliness while in an African setting.


She told me she liked the idea of using dark blues and asked if I could integrate that into the design.

Tropical Island

The clients requested a colourful logo for a mixed fruit beverage they created that included bold fruit shapes and a tropical island.

toby tropical island 2-01.png
kyle back in the day-01.png

Back In The Day

This client words to me were to use the title for inspiration. I went for a retro computer game look with a vector image of the artist. I sent regular updates to ensure he was happy with the direction I was going with this project.

Click HERE to see the artwork on the artists Spotify page.

Wedding Gift

The client asked if I could design an action figurine style packaging graphic of a couple soon to be married. I was given a few photos of the couple and a list of quirky things they collected.

Updates were sent on a weekly basis to ensure the client was happy with the progress.

Team Motivate-03.jpg

Team Motivate

This business works with individuals that are on the autism spectrum and have various learning disabilities. They asked for a simple logo that looked positive and strong.


Click HERE to see their website.

Rescued By Nature

This client approached me as she had a poor attempt made by a designer she found on Fiverr. She gave me an example of the style she wanted to incorporate in her label. She was happy with the outcome.

Click HERE to view the Rescued by Nature Facebook page.

Zina rescued by nature final horizontal-07.jpg
rpplumbing logo sign above door-02.png

RP Plumbing & Electrical Merchants

The client wanted a friendly local shop sign with two characters that represented the plumbing side and electrical side of the business.

Click HERE for the RP Plumbing & Electrical Merchants website.

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